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Medical Equipment Finance helps Grow your business today

Professions finance is a popular form of lending available to assist with the purchase of the necessary assets your business needs.

We have solutions for both businesses and individuals, taking your tax and VAT status into consideration. Our products are designed to make any purchase as easy as possible with options of hire purchase, leasing, and loan agreements along with refinancing of assets or consolidation.

With our links to in-house specialist underwriters, we can provide you with a quick decision in respect of your finance application. We can also deal directly with suppliers on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on your day to day business.

Finance for equipment

Our experienced team can help you obtain the business equipment you need and keep your working capital intact.

With our bespoke finance packages, direct funding and speedy decision making, we can assist with the growth and development of your business.

Our medical equipment finance is profession specific and our product range of hire purchase, leasing and loan products are tailor-made. We ensure the most suitable tax efficient solution is offered and take your individual circumstances into consideration.

Specialist equipment is vital to the functionality of some professions. Fasttrack Finance understand this need and can accommodate this requirement. We are able to finance a wide range of equipment such as X-Rays and scanners, IT systems, as well as provide funding for a total refurbishment. We can deal directly with suppliers on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on your daily business.

To explore which medical equipment finance product is best suited for your needs talk to one of our experts today. 

Veterinary care finance

We work with owners of individual practices, as well as groups operating multiple veterinary surgeries and animal hospitals, to provide carefully tailored financing solutions. We finance diagnostic and clinical equipment, as well as the facilities and infrastructure needed to provide high quality veterinary care. We have thorough knowledge of the veterinary sector which combines with our access to finance markets and position as part of the Fasttrack  Group to make us a competitive, flexible and understanding finance partner for the veterinary sector.


Fasttrack Finance can help your healthcare organisation by:

  • Giving you the benefit of our expertise – our team’s sector expertise and local knowledge means we can structure the right deal for your business.
  • Lowering the costs of your upfront investments – our solutions can spread the cost over the lifecycle of your assets.
  • Freeing your capital – we can unlock the cash in your business and protect your capital reserves, enabling you to reinvest the money in vital areas.
  • Reducing your risks – our solutions can remove residual value risk from your business and eliminate concerns regarding disposing of assets.
  • Future proofing your assets – an asset finance solution from Fasttrack can enable you to acquire the very latest equipment.
  • Patient Transport Finance – We help providers of ambulance services and patient transport with carefully tailored financing solutions. We finance the vehicles, modifications and on-board equipment needed to provide excellent care while in transit. Our thorough understanding of the ambulance and patient transport sector.

What Types of Healthcare Can you Finance?


Diagnostic equipment


Specialist beds


Surgical instruments


Decontamination equipment


IT equipment


Imaging equipment


Follicular Unit Hair Transplatation


Cosmetic Surgery


CAD/CAM systems

 Who do we support?


Independent hospitals


Dental practices


Veterinary practices


GP surgeries


Care homes






Fertility clinics


Cosmetic medicine providers

Thank you Fasttrack Finance, we needed a short term loan to help with cashflow, this was so easy with their online application & 24hr decision process, with funds transferred straight into our account. They were there when you need them, no excuses, simple!

David Heskins

Financial Controller, EMS Group

Would recommend Fasttrack Finance to any company looking to lease equipment, the process was quick, easy and the staff, very friendly and efficient. Online application made the process from start to finish so easy for me. Thanks for everything and all your help.

Phillip Wybrow

Director, GIP Plc

Thank you Fasttrack Finance, the independent advice given to ensure we got the right finance for are practice was priceless, backed by the paper free online application made the whole process hassle free, whilst obtaining for us the most competitive price for the business.

Anwar Khoyratty

Financial Controller , Thalgo UK Ltd