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Fasttrack Finance specialise in providing finance for all forms of technology such PCS, laptops, Servers and mainframes. Data Communication and peripherals, Printers and Photocopiers, Audio-visual equipment, mobile devices , Data and software to Configuration, Delivery and Installation.

With the strength and financial backing of the Fastrack Property Group, we offer the most flexible finance schemes for technology in the market today. When you use Fasttrack finance you will benefit from the significant flexibility and advantages leasing has to offer over outright purchase.

Fasttrack can structure a funding solution that allows management of the cost of investment and a funding solution to suit your organisation. Considerable effort is invested to discover your individual requirements including looking at asset planning and tax position to match a financial package suited to your immediate and long term objective. Investing in the right technology for your business can mean the difference between success and failure.

Payments can be structured to match accounting procedures, cash flow projections as well as payment profiles being tailored to accommodate seasonal or stepped revenue flow, equipment migration or staged equipment roll out.

Why lease equipment?

The simple fact is that leasing is more affordable than a cash purchase because no deposit or up-front payment is required. Also, if you lease your equipment, existing credit lines such as banking arrangements remain intact. This offers you the flexibility to invest capital in other areas of your business but still being able to employ the inefficiencies of new technology.

Leasing also removes the risk of ownership associated with depreciating assets and facilitates positive cash flow – critical for any business. By leasing you can fix the cost and make regular payments across a defined period of time. In addition, you do not have to dispose of the asset and dependant upon your business practice you may not need to account for depreciation of that asset on your balance sheet.

Fasttrack offer a range of leasing options to cover everything from the simplest to the most complex IT solution.

Technology Rental Agreement

Funding solutions for technology equipment, software and services that can be ‘off-balance-sheet’ with affordable, flexible payments and end of term options.

In today’s business environment, keeping up with the latest technology to increase efficiencies and reduce costs is a major objective. With a Technology Rental Agreement you get the flexibility of a finance or operating lease enabling you to afford new technology whilst ensuring your budget is not exceeded.

The flexibility of this agreement gives you several options at the end of the term from extending the agreement to upgrading equipment or returning all or part of the equipment.

The majority of IT costs can be included plus our innovative financial solution offers the opportunity to mitigate the risk of new technology by assisting with the refresh and re-marketing of existing technology. With IT Office equipment leasing we at Fasttrack Finance reduce the overall leasing costs over the agreement term which range from 12 to 60 months in which you can select a variety of payment profiles and terms to ensure affordability.

New technology suddenly becomes even more affordable, as the lease rentals may not be based on 100% of the cost of the leased technology and budgeting becomes easier as payments are not affected by changing interest rates. Additionally, payments may be classified as a revenue expense and are generally tax deductible.

Technology Pre-Lease

A pre-agreed finance facility that lets you defer payments until your IT technology starts performing.

This customised solution is ideal for project implementation where large scale solutions are required.

This customised solution is ideal for large equipment installation, multi site projects and managed desktop deployments. A pre-agreed finance facility is put in place so you don’t have to negotiate a new contract at each stage and monies are available at each key stage of the implementation. The financing is then paid when the project goes live to the pre-agreed terms and conditions of the solution.

Fastrack will build a framework to cover all critical areas of the business but still maintains the ability to adapt. A contract is signed ahead of your standard lease agreement and then monies can be used at pre-defined milestones of the project. A pricing and billing structure is also agreed in advance and terms and conditions will be bespoke to cover all aspects of the solution.

With this facility you may also have the option of starting your first lease payment after a holiday period allowing some income generation before your regular payment commences. Interest is calculated from the day cash is utilised but not paid until the lease starts. The pre-lease is closed at the end of project completion and all costs and interest accrued is consolidated into a single lease for your monthly payments to begin.



Thank you Fasttrack Finance, your combined knowledge in asset fiance and with the willingness to negotiate with suppliers ensured that we obtained more equipment within our budget constraints. We thank your team for all their hard work & dedication from start to finish.

Tristian Hunkin

Office Design Director, Office Warehouse Design

Fabulous, fast efficient service, an affordable price was structured to meet our budget. Friendly staff  liaised with our supplier to ensure the refurbishment and design of our new office layout went well. IT installation was checked and testing before being signed off by Fasttrack Finance.

Steve Barnes

Group Purchasing Manager, Supergold Plc

Great prices, fast efficient service, hassle free, friendly knowledgeable staff, would recommend Fasttrack Finance to any business and have appointed them as one of our main business partners. It was a breath of fresh air as the whole process was simple right through to the end.

Lesley Myles

Group Purchasing Manager, G'S Marketing Plc