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Fasttrack Finance we put people first and  take care of what’s important. It’s more than a service it’s a promise.

About Us


About Us


Our mission is to make business finance easy. We love helping firms from around the UK, as well as working with their most trusted advisers such as accountants, finance professionals and trade federations. We strive to provide you with the right financial option for you and your business. We tailor ever Business or Personal and  loan or Lease to fit within your current financial status, whilst never placing to greater demand on you. No other lender offers funding solutions that will assist you to achieve the growth your business needs by structuring the right financial plan to meet today’s needs whilst allowing you to compete tomorrow.

Our cutting edge technology allows you to apply online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing free independent advice as things in life happens when you least expect it… 

Whether you want to grow your business or give your lifestyle a boost or have an unexpected expense to deal with, talking to Fasttrack Finance, we will find the most cost-effective way of making it happen.

 Our Story So Far

Fasttrack Finance part of the Fast-Track Property Group was the brainchild of its founders who believed that the time had come to challenge the banks in regards to small to medium size business lending and how personal loans were provided. The Group business was founded in 1999 when a team of financial and property experts with technology gurus began laying the groundwork for what would be the most advanced business lending platform in the market. Fasttrack Finance was introduced to the market in May 2008 and received a glowing reception. Since launch the company has provided funding to businesses across the UK as well securing personal loans for people across the UK.

When we established our first online finance business (which was later sold), we discovered that consumers were having difficulty finding suitable financing options to obtain both business and personal funding..

At that point, the idea of Fasttrack Finance was born. We simply wanted to offer business and personal finance nationwide and we embraced the power of the internet to achieve our goals.

Challenging the banks required us to simplify the business and personal loan process which meant our business would be 100% online and automated. Still the team behind the technology are human and we understand that behind each online application there is a human being who seeks to have his/hers business or Personal loan application be dealt with diligently, compassion, understanding of your needs whilst at all protecting and insuring your privacy

Today we are experiencing explosive growth by providing market leading rates and giving business and customers the choice & service they deserve.

Thank you for choosing Fasttrack Finance

We have used Fasttrack Finance a number of times and each time has been an absolute pleasure. They work so fast, putting the banks to shame. I would have no reservations in recommending Fasttrack Fiance to anyone, they have been a great help to our business, allowing us to grow at a much faster rate than would have been possible without them.

Claudio Amaro

Finance Director, Salvo Dal 1968

Awesome company, they are there when you need them, available 24/7, friendly, professional and efficient and a great attribute to our business. The funds they lend are based on your actual business, so it’s realistic in what I can pay back. I am almost always able to make payments early, which saves me interest and I don’t feel any pressure at all.

Catherine Byrne

Company Accountant, MHIE Plc